Hotel Granit 4 stars hotel

Hotel Granit

Room facilities

Hotel facilities

Location: Ohrid - 5 km. from the center of Ohrid, on the coast of Lake Ohrid
Capacity: 9 single rooms, 87 double rooms, 22 apartments, 1 resydency and 1 presidential apartment

The Granit Hotel is located on the coast of Lake Ohrid, in the locality St. Stefan, 5 km. away from the center of Ohrid.

It is 12 km. away from the Ohrid airport. The Hotel has two harbors (small and big one), which enable access to the Hotel and the beach, if traveling by water.

Only 1 km. away from the Granit Hotel, in the wonderful woods and green area, the St. Stefan Monastery is situated. The locality has the same name, as well.

There are no such words, which can describe the beauty of the Monastery; the magnificent view of the old part of Ohrid, the splendid sight facing the lake, the wonderful view of the hotels in this part of Ohrid, and the only way to experience it is to be on the very place, in St. Stefan Monastery.