Hotel Inex Gorica 5 stars hotel

Hotel Inex Gorica

Room facilities

Hotel facilities

Location: Ohrid - 3 km from center, 50 m. from the beach
Capacity: 125 rooms (6 apartments, 2 Presidential suites)

Nestled in the most appealing location on the Lake Ohrid coast, the Gorica Hotel is only two kilometers away from Ohrid but can still offer maximum privacy.

It's surrounding incites the feeling of calmness since the beach is enclosed with high cliffs and the very hotel spreads an exquisite view of the whole coast and the town of Ohrid.

The five star hotel is able to meet the taste of every visitor, in particular of the most selective ones, which ranks it among the top tourism offers.

The Gorica Hotel boasts 117 rooms, 6 suites, 2 residences, 3 seminar halls, kongres hall, an appetizer bar, sauna and massage parlours, trim tracks, sport grounds.

All these conveniences enable it to organize various ceremonies, seminars, sport team preparations, trainings etc.

If you want to spend unforgettable moments, visit the tourism facilities of the INEX GORICA Complex