Flag of Macedonia

General facts
about Macedonia

AREA: 25.713 km2
POPULATION: 2.100.000
POLITICAL STRUCTURE: State with parliamentary democracy
CURRENCY: Denar (MKD) 1 € - 61,50 MKD
NEIGHBOR COUNTRIES: Serbia & Montenegro , Bulgaria , Albania , Greece
AIRPORTS: Alexander The Great - Skopje; Sv. Apostol Pavle - Ohrid
PHONE CODES OF MAJOR CITIES: Skopje (02), Ohrid (046)
CREDIT CARDS: All major credit cards are accepted
PASSPORTS: All visitors require a valid passport
WORKING HOURS: Shops are open Monday to Friday from 09.00 to 20.00 & Saturday from 09.00 to 15.00. Some malls are open in Sunday from 10.00 to 22.00


SKOPJE: The Skopje Summer Festival, the International Jazz Festival, the Young Open Theatre, the May Opera Evenings, the International Biennial of Art Students
OHRID: The Ohrid Summer Festival, the Festival of Balkan Folk Dances, the Ohrid International Swimming Marathon
STRUGA: The Struga Poetry Evenings
BITOLA: The Studio of Child-Painters, the Manaki Brothers International Festival of the Film Camera
KRUSEVO: The 10 days Krusevo Republic , the first City-Republic on Balkan (Ilinden Uprising)
PRILEP: Vojdan Cernodrinski Theatre Plays, the International Colony of Modern Art
STRUMICA: The International Modern Art Colony
KAVADARCI: The Vine Carneval
GALICNIK: Traditional Macedonian Wedding ceremony


Public Holidays:
New Year 1 st & 2 nd of January
Christmass 7 th of January
Easter April/May
Labor Day 1 st & 2 nd of May
St Cyril & Methodij 24 th May
Ilinden (Macedonian National Holiday) 2 nd of August
Independence Day 8 th of September
Macedonian uprising in the Second World War 11 th of October